eDEX-UI is a cool sci-fi inspired terminal emulator that looks great with tons of options like system monitoring. Let’s take a quick look at what he offers us.

You probably already know a lot of funny Linux commands. And what could be more interesting than the Linux command line? Of course, the terminal shell itself.

Yes, a terminal emulator (commonly known as a terminal) can be pretty fun too. Remember the Cool Retro Term terminal that gives you a vintage 80s and early 90s terminal?

But in this article, let’s take a look at an amazing cross-platform terminal emulator that will make you drool over your terminal!

eDEX-UI is an open source cross-platform terminal emulator that offers you a sci-fi inspired look and feel as well as some useful features.

It was originally inspired by the DEX UI project. It’s also worth noting that eDEX-UI is no longer supported, but not completely abandoned. You can read more about the current status of the project on the github page.

While eDEX-UI is more about a look and feel and a futuristic theme for the terminal, it could become a system monitoring tool for Linux in the future if development resumes or someone else can improve it.

Let’s see what it can do and how to install it on your computer.

EDEX-UI features

eDEX-UI is essentially a terminal emulator. You can use it like a normal terminal to execute commands and whatever you do in the terminal.

It operates in full screen mode with sidebars and bottom panels to monitor system and network statistics. There is also a virtual keyboard for touch devices.

There is a directory viewer at the bottom left of the eDEX-UI. And:

  • Displays system information that includes motherboard information, network status, IP address, used network bandwidth, CPU usage, CPU temperature, RAM usage, etc.
  • Customization options for changing theme, keyboard layout, CSS injection
  • Additional sound effect to create a hacker atmosphere
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, macOS and Linux)

How to install eDEX on Linux

As mentioned, it supports all major platforms, including Windows, macOS and of course Linux.

To install it on any Linux distribution, you can download the AppImage file from the GitHub releases section, or find it in one of the available repositories that also include the AUR.

Download eDEX

My experience with eDEX-UI

I liked this terminal emulator because of its fantastic looks. However, I found it quite heavy on system resources. I didn’t check the CPU temperature on my Linux system, but the CPU consumption was definitely high.

Here is a short video of this wonderful terminal.