Manjaro 20.0 was released a few days ago. This distribution, based on ArchLinux, but offers users easier installation and pre-installed packages so that users can get started right away without any additional settings.

Manjaro 20.0 – What’s New !!!

Manjaro xfce

Xfce remains the flagship offering and has received the attention it deserves. This release defaults to the new version of the Xfce 4.14 desktop, which focuses on improving user experience through the desktop and window manager. Also, a new theme called Matcha has been added.

The new Display-Profiles feature allows you to save one or more profiles for your preferred display configuration.

Automatic application of profiles was implemented when connecting new displays.

Manjaro kde

The KDE Edition provides a powerful, mature, and feature rich Plasma 5.18 workspace with a unique look that was completely redesigned in 2020.

A complete set of Breath2 themes includes light and dark versions, animated splashes – the screen, Konsole profiles, Yakuake skins and much more.

Kate’s text editor has been slightly modified, and comes with some additional color schemes.

Plasma-Simplemenu has been added as an alternative to the traditional Kickoff-Launcher.

With a wide selection of the latest KDE-20.04 applications and other applications, Manjaro-KDE aims to become a versatile and elegant environment ready for all your daily needs.

Manjaro gnome

The Gnome release is based on the 3.36 series, which included a visual update for a number of applications and interfaces, especially the login and unlock interfaces. GNOME shell extensions are now managed with the new Extensions application, which handles updating, configuring, and removing or disabling extensions.

A Do Not Disturb button has been added to the notification popup. When it is turned on, notifications are hidden, and this will be until the button is turned off.

By default, your own dynamic wallpapers change their color theme throughout the day. In addition, GDM has been updated and the Gnome-Layout-Switcher has been significantly improved.

The list of preinstalled packages has also undergone updates, zsh is the new default shell, and applications are now sorted into folders in a clean application box.

The Pamac 9.4 series has received several updates. Extending package management, snap and flatpak support has been included. Now you can very easily install snap or flatpak packages with Pamac in the user interface and terminal to make wider use of an even wider selection of the latest Linux applications. For Gnome users, they also included similar features supported by Gnome-Software. To get more information about the package, simply right-click in the gnome-shell application panel. And if you are looking for an application that you do not have, Pamac offers to install it for you.

Manjaro Architect now supports the installation of ZFS, providing the necessary kernel modules.

This release uses the 5.6 kernel, that is, the latest drivers available today.

Manjaro 20.0 – download for free

Download the latest version of manjaro, please follow the link below

Download Manjaro 20.0 Xfce (.iso)    Manjaro 20.0 Xfce (.torrent)

Download Manjaro 20.0 KDE (.iso)     Manjaro 20.0 KDE (.torrent)

Download Manjaro 20.0 Gnome (.iso)     Manjaro 20.0 Gnome (.torrent)

I hope you enjoy this release, and of course, write in the comments below what you think about the new version.