Hello people! By popular demand, I am posting an assembly based on Xubuntu – MacBuntu 18.04.

MacBuntu is a custom assembly that looks like on MacOS and is very popular among users around the world.

The GNU / Linux-based operating system is very easy to turn into the one you like, compared to the same Windows. After all, caring users are constantly making new applications and themes with open source code. And accordingly, all this can be changed, and even make your own theme, or assembly.

Someone likes it, but there are also people who consider customized assemblies to be a continuation of BolgenOS, but if there is a demand, then there is a product. Therefore, if you are from the first people, then it is better to pass by.

Let’s get started!

MacBuntu 18.04

To get started, download the assembly from the link below, and write it down with any utility to create a bootable flash drive (I personally used Rosa Image Writer).

The system is designed for both computers with Bios Legacy and UEFI, so I don’t think that there may be problems with launching the created flash drive.

There is one problem – when I start the system from a USB flash drive in Bios Legacy, for some reason themes are not applied, but after going through all the stages of installation on the hard drive, the theme is automatically applied. You just do not need to pay attention to the topic in live mode. With UEFI, all this is not, but there is a problem with sorting applications on the plank panel (if you know the solution, write in the comments below)

macbuntu 18.04 xfce

The installation is exactly the same as the usual distribution based on Ubuntu, and I see no reason to describe the installation.

After installation, start the computer from the hard drive, and you will see the plymouth theme is exactly the same as in MacOS, and the user password entry screen

login macbuntu 18.04

What is installed in MacBuntu 18.04 Xfce?

  • Installed Plymouth system boot theme. like on macOS
  • Installed global menu.
  • Installed the main theme and the theme of icons as in MacOS
  • The system has a search launcher Albert
  • Geary – email client
  • Google Chrome – default browser
  • qBittorrent – for torrents
  • VLC – media player
  • Grub Customizer – to edit the Grub bootloader
  • Synaptic Package Manager
  • Stacer – to optimize and clean the system
  • Other

I did not overload the system with all sorts of unnecessary applications, all of the above are the most popular among Linux lovers.

macbuntu 18.04 xfce

Google Chrome browser launched with several tabs open, as well as several more applications

macbuntu 18.04 xfce macbuntu 18.04 xfce

Download MacBuntu 18.04 Xfce

From the link below, you can download the operating system from google drive


This is only a beta version, and you can write your criticism and suggestions in the comments.

Have a nice day everyone.