macbuntu 20.04.1

Hello everybody! Most recently, my build of MacBigSur, which is based on Kubuntu 20.04, was released, and according to user feedback, it has become very popular. So I…

macbigsur 20.04

MacBigSur 20.04 is an assembly based on the Kubuntu 20.04 operating system, where I completely tried to change the appearance so that it was as similar as possible…

macbuntu budgie 20.04

Hello everybody! Today, you will see another assembly very similar to MacOS, but this time, this assembly is based on Ubuntu Budgie 20.04. I’ve been testing the new…

macbuntu 20.04

Hello everybody! I continue the macbuntu section, and this time, I will show you how to make Ubuntu 20.04 look like MacOS, and at the end you will…

macbuntu 18.04 kde

Hello everyone! We continue to work on assemblies similar to the appearance of the MacOS operating system. This time I present to your attention an assembly based on…

macbuntu 18.04 xfce

Hello people! By popular demand, I am posting an assembly based on Xubuntu – MacBuntu 18.04. MacBuntu is a custom assembly that looks like on MacOS and is…

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